Internship and Career Prospect

Internship Opportunities

The programme offers students with the opportunities to work in local primary and secondary schools, The Hong Kong Science Museum, engineering and aviation industry, and the STEM project of our department. Students need to teach and conduct research for STEM, develop STEM curriculum, research for A.I., and promote science and technology at work etc. Through this programme, entering different companies, students are able to practice what they’ve learnt, be inspired and cultivate their innovative STEM spirits, broaden their horizons and network, and therefore get well-prepared for their future careers.

Career Prospect

  • STEM-related subject teachers;
  • STEM jobs with positions in computing, engineering;
  • Employment in computer and IT occupations;
  • Mobile application and web developer;
  • Industrial engineering technician;
  • Pursue further STEM Education studies;
  • And so on…
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